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Since authentication of the sport data set 36 and signature 37 is entrusted to the contents of ROM 29, a process have to be provided to confirm the ROM 29 contents. The authenticity of a given casino game data set 36 can also be checked on demand, either domestically at the game console or remotely by way of a network, by offering a demand process. FIG. 5 illustrates the authentication routine carried out in accordance with the invention, when the authentication routine is called (see under), the loadable casino game knowledge set 36 is transferred from the mass storage unit to main memory 13 (until already there), and the message digest of casino game data set 36 is computed utilizing the message digest algorithm 32. Message digest algorithm 32 makes use of the identical hash perform forty one as that used by the manufacturer to arrange the unique message digest 42. The result’s an unencrypted model 46 of the message digest computed from the casino game data set 36 currently current in the mass storage unit. The robert de niro casino glasses game knowledge set checking part proceeds by computing a second abbreviated bit string from the stored casino game knowledge set using the same hash operate, decrypting the saved encrypted signature to recuperate the first abbreviated bit string, and evaluating the first and second abbreviated bit strings to determine whether or not the two strings match.

From a course of standpoint, this facet of the invention includes a method of authenticating a knowledge set of a casino fashion recreation which consists of two phases: a sport information set preparation phase and a recreation knowledge set checking section. Once all of the involved applications and fastened information sets have been so authenticated, the casino game knowledge set authentication process is run, after which recreation play is permitted (offered a match occurs). As seen on this figure, the authentication program stored in unalterable ROM 29 comprises a message digest algorithm part 32, a decryption algorithm part 33, and a decryption key part 34. The message digest algorithm component 32 stored in ROM 29 contains a precise copy of a hash function program routine used to originally compute a message digest from the loadable recreation information set 36 in the way described under. For this function, a message digest is computed for the authentication program stored in ROM 29, and this message digest is stored in a safe manner with the casino operator or the gaming commission (or each) along with the hash operate used to produce the message digest.

Consequently, the authenticity of the casino game program or fixed data set can be mechanically checked at any time when use of that program or mounted information set is required and at different appropriate occasions, similar to within the course of a gaming fee audit. So as to detect attempts to tamper with the contents of the unalterable learn solely reminiscence aspect positioned in the game console, a message digest computed for the authentication program saved therein is stored in a secure manner in a different location from the game console, such because the casino operator’s safety services or the facilities of a gaming commission (or each). From an apparatus standpoint, the primary aspect of the invention comprises an digital casino gaming system having means for offering authentication of a recreation data set of a casino kind sport prior to allowing recreation play, the system together with first means for storing a casino game knowledge set and a signature of the casino game knowledge set, the signature comprising an encrypted version of a unique first abbreviated bit string computed from the casino game information set; second means for storing an authentication program capable of computing a second abbreviated bit string from the casino game information set stored in the primary storing means and capable of decrypting the encrypted signature saved in the primary storing means to get better the first abbreviated bit string; processing means for enabling the authentication program to compute an abbreviated bit string from the casino game data set saved in the primary storing means and for enabling the authentication program to decrypt the encrypted signature; and means for evaluating the computed second abbreviated bit string with the decrypted abbreviated bit string to determine whether a match is present. The casino game knowledge set is ideally saved in a mass storage machine, akin to a magnetic or CD-ROM disk drive unit or a community file unit, the chosen unit having a relatively large capability. Whereas the above provides a full and complete disclosure of the popular embodiments of the invention, varied modifications, alternate constructions and equivalents may be employed with out departing from the true spirit and scope of the invention.

The authentication program saved within the unalterable ROM performs an authentication verify on the casino game information set at acceptable occasions, reminiscent of previous to commencement of game play, at periodic intervals or upon demand. FIG. 2 illustrates the varieties of knowledge saved within the system ROM 14 and the mass storage unit. FIG. 3 illustrates the authentication and software program info in more detail. So as to make sure that the authentication routine cannot be bypassed by tampering with the loader program stored in ROM 30, an initial a part of the loader program is incorporated into unalterable ROM 29. This preliminary portion of the loader program requires that the authentication program be referred to as prior to the initiation of any casino game play. ROM 14 contains further packages in read only form, including the operating system, related drivers and the authentication software program described in detail beneath. ROM 30 comprises the operating system program, the system drivers and the remainder of the govt/loader applications as famous under. ROM 29 contains the system initialization or boot code, an authentication program, a random number generator program and an initial portion of the government/loader packages. The 2 variations of the message digest are then compared and, if discovered to be matching, the involved program or fixed data set is deemed authentic and is permitted to be utilized by the system.