ECBH is seeking a behavioral health case manager.  This person assesses patients and works with counselors and other care providers to design treatment plans, set up referrals and choose the most suitable resources for patient’s specific mental health needs. The case manager will be responsible for follow up and documenting progress on each patient.  The case manager will also develop and provide behavioral health education to individuals, groups and the surrounding communities and conducts limited community assessments.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities

1)     Serves as a liaison between the patient and the mental health provider.

2)     Receives documentation from providers and follows up with patients regarding their treatment plan.

3)     Sets up and attends meetings with providers and patients as needed.

4)     Informs all parties involved on the processes that are being used to treat the patient.

5)     Inform and educate the patient and family members involved in ongoing treatment plans and other available resources.

6)     Maintain complete and accurate records on each patient using (EMR)

7)     Maintain patient confidentiality in treatment plans and reporting as appropriate.  Understands and abides by HIPAA guidelines.

8)     Delivers behavioral health education services.  Develops educational materials such as audiovisual aids, articles, brochures, fact sheets and public service announcements promoting behavioral health topics.

9)     Collects and analyzes data from various sources to evaluate programs and determine need for additional educational programs or communications.

10)  Develops curriculum for community education and offer in-service sessions for outside organizations.

11)  Works with community contacts to promote behavioral health programs, teach individual and group classes, and work with groups to solve community health issues.

12)  May be asked to provide input on grant proposals and report on program progress.

13)  Participates in the ECBH Emergency Service delivery through the on-call rotation.

14)  Performs other duties as assigned.


Required Skills or Abilities

1)     Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to communicate complex information.

2)     Ability to work with diverse populations of patients and staff members.

3)     Excellent computer skills

4)     Excellent documentation skills

5)     Excellent customer service skills, especially dealing with difficult or irate patients or family members.

Required Knowledge, Experience or Licensure

1)     Bachelor’s degree in a social science field.

2)     Experience with MS Office products required; previous EMR experience preferred.

3)     Reliable transportation is required.


To apply, please send your resume, cover letter and salary requirements to:, or fax to: 605-697-2874